Lilly's Naoko Princess Room
A guide|shrine decided to Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Sailor Moon) and all her works

Coming Soon to BSSM.NU's Network!

Lilly-chan is planning on open "Lilly's Naoko Princess Room- A Shrine decided to Naoko Takeuchi and all her works" So stay tune!

Lilly's Naoko Princess Room is in the working process so in meantime please check out her other Sailor Moon websites-
Lilly-chan's-"Moonlight Real Girls: A Pretty Guardion Sailor Moon Live Action Fanlisting|Fansite", "Tsuki Mubi: A Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Music Video Gallery" and "Moonlight Justice- A guide|shrine to the Sailor Moon Musicals known as SeraMyu""
that have been added to the BSSM.NU's Network!

~ July 13, 2013~*

Thanks ~Lilly-chan